This blog post is going up a bit rushed because I only just realized that this topic might be helpful for a lot of readers looking for something with a little affordable pizzazz for Valentine’s Day. I am trying to get this posted quickly so that those of you that are interested have time to make your orders and have them arrive in time for what some regard as the most romantic day of the year. If you aren’t into Valentine’s Day, that’s fine! I’m not either, I just like wearing pretty things as much as possible… and I also love the look on my husband’s face when he gets the pleasant surprise of finding me in something especially alluring. I posted about the first set a few days ago in my Instagram stories, and it was met with such a warm response, that I think I need to make this a more regular topic on my blog… at the very least, I will hopefully post once a year before Valentine’s Day. These finds are all from Amazon (as of this writing, I’m not affiliated or paid by Amazon in any way… unfortunately, ha!), but even with Prime shipping, we don’t have much time so let’s get down to business!!



This Nanier Women’s Thin Transparent Lace Bra Set in Dark Apricot (purchased for $15.99) is the set I shared on my stories. I feel like unlined, translucent undies always take undergarments up a notch, without being too over-the-top or “bedroom-only”… and ANY matching set is automatically more sophisticated, in my opinion. Many of the reviewers for this product suggested going up a band size and down a cup size. I did and the size turned out well for me. I actually might have been even better ordering two band sizes up, but this fits well enough that I don’t feel the need to return it for a different size. The set also comes with a bra extender, so maybe I will just try that. Unfortunately, this set does not allow you the option of ordering a different size underwear… I ordered a 34B and it came with size Medium panties. The panties are generally true to American sizing, perhaps a tad small. They fit *almost* in a “chic granny-panty” brief style, but the biggest issue is that the elastic at the waist and legs is very tight. This could cause an issue with lumpiness and panty lines, especially if you intend on wearing this under clothes. If you are proportionally more on the hippy side, then the panties that automatically come with the bra might not fit you. The fabric is thin and translucent but feels strong, substantial, and comfortable. As with most undergarments with embroidery, appliques, and frills, this set probably won’t produce a smooth line under form fitting clothes, but could work well as an unexpectedly dainty layer underneath loose and chunky winter layers.



The TOMORI Women 2Pcs Cute & Sexy Chiffon Strip Lingerie Set Polka Dot Transparent Bra and Thongs Set in the color Orange (purchased for $15.99) is perfect for flirty nightwear. In fact, many of the reviewers posted photos of them using the top as a top (with a bra underneath) in regular outfits, and they looked cute! I’m not quite so daring as to wear this out of the house, but these pieces are so soft and the elastic so stretchy, that I am happy to wear this frequently at home (after the kids are in bed). The listing title states this is a thong set, however the bottoms are definitely more of a bikini or Brazilian cut. This listing only offers one size, and I would say it compares to an American size Small, or maybe Medium. The Orange color is more of a peachy light-nude hue, and very flattering while being innocently sexy as it resembles a natural skin tone for light-skinned wearers.



There simply isn’t much to SheIn Women’s Sexy Ladder Cut Out Lingerie Set Push Up Two Piece Bra and Panty (color Black, purchased for $14.99), but that’s the whole appeal! The set is little more than bands of elastic, with underwire for the bra. The only part of the panties that is sewn is the crotch, so sorting out the straps may require an advanced engineering degree (as echoed in the reviews, hence so many negative ratings for this set), but it can be done with patience and is best achieved by laying the panties on a flat surface, working from the crotch up, and referring to a screenshot of the photo in the product listing (I totally did this, lol!). As far as sizing, I feel this runs true to American sizing, and they may actually run a little big. I assumed that this would run small (like many listings on Amazon) so I ordered a Medium, and the straps only stay in place if I don’t move. However I (and my husand!!!) seriously love this set and find it so flattering that I fully intend on repurchasing this in my regular clothing size Small. Also, I might try it in red!

Do you have any suggestions for affordable lingerie and intimates? Please leave a comment or message with any tips for the rest of us!

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