Month: February 2019


Powder Room Peek

For the most part, this website has been devoted to recipes, which I prefer to write in a straightforward style. However, a subscriber on Instagram suggested that I share more house-related posts, so here is my first attempt! I don’t consider myself a decorator, by any means… however, I hope that by sharing photos of my 1960s Dutch colonial, perhaps I can help spread … Read More Powder Room Peek


Russian Dumplings (пельмени)

Somewhat reminiscent of Italian tortellini, but without cheese, pelmeni dumplings are a Russian staple. If you live in a metropolitan area, there is a good chance you can buy these pre-made at your local supplier of Eastern-European cuisine (likely in the frozen section). Living where I do, I am obliged to DIY… and while these are undoubtedly time-consuming to make, they are a delicious … Read More Russian Dumplings (пельмени)