Month: December 2018



This recipe can be veganized and taste quite good, but it is simply heavenly when cooked with beef, and beef bones!! Borscht is, at its core, peasant food… made with whatever is on hand. The only real core ingredients are beets, cabbage, and potatoes! Just like chicken noodle soup in the United States, there are as many versions of borscht as their are Eastern … Read More Borscht


Pork Breakfast Scramble

This recipe is as flexible as it is filling, and even though we use pork, almost any ground meat can be substituted. If you opt to use a different kind of meat, keep in mind you may need to use more cooking fat of your choice for frying. We get our ground pork from Cypress Grove Farm and Windhaven Farm, and the meat is naturally fatty, thus … Read More Pork Breakfast Scramble