Month: November 2018



If you follow me on Instagram, and especially if you frequently watch my stories, you have probably noticed I really have an infatuation for my homemade pain de mie (the best white sandwich bread you will ever be blessed to know, if you ever get a chance to try it!). While this recipe can be made with really any bread of your choosing, I … Read More Stuffing


Collard Greens

Living south of the Mason-Dixon line, collard greens are an essential ingredient on any well laid winter table. Unlike most leafy greens, they are tough and difficult to eat when fresh. Also unlike most leafy greens, collards stand up famously to hours and hours of cooking. We like ours best with lots of apple cider vinegar, but you are welcome to adjust the proportions … Read More Collard Greens


Spoon Bread

Spoon bread is a softer version of cornbread. Since it isn’t firm enough to cut and eat with one’s fingers, utensils are required…. spoons, usually… hence, the name! For a classic American Thanksgiving, corn must be featured on the table in some form. This recipe is our preferred way to partake in this custom. The photo used for this post was hastily snapped during … Read More Spoon Bread